In today’s modern age of transport and communications innovations, we now talk about the world as being a worldwide town or village, and inside this global town the 3rd most used language re the people who actively speak it, is Spanish.  That is why Spanish is such a useful language to learn.

The proliferation of the Spanish language is also now filtering through into the business arena where more and more new business men and women converse in it as their language of first choice.  For people that are smooth in both English and Spanish, their abilities will be more in demand because they are going to be able to communicate much more effectively with either Spanish or English clients and work colleagues.

Surveys carried out latterly in Northern America show that of all nationalities now resident in northerly State, it’s the Hispanic group that’s the speediest growing.  As you can imagine, this is fueling a requirement demand for more local Spanish speakers who can inverse equally fluently in both English and Spanish.

In short, if you are an English speaking American who decides to become fluent in Spanish, you can carve a nice small career niche out for yourself.  Having the ability to show that you can converse fluently in both languages on your CV will draw attention to you and will significantly increase your employability.  You may end up to be much more in demand.  Currently in the northerly US, a capability to speak fluent Spanish will hugely increase your chances of landing a job in the education sector, the building and construction industry, or the medicare industry.

The need for more Spanish speakers will increase drastically over the next few years.  This applies not only to America, but to the EU nations too.  In continental Europe, of all the different languages, Spanish is now the second most widely spoken.

With Spanish as your developed second language, you will find that you can enjoy a broader range of experiences with the Hispanic element.  You may also develop more Hispanic friendships and relations.  If you speak fluent Spanish you will be able to totally embrace this opportunity.

With the continuing growth of the Hispanic races, you can soon be welcoming one into you family, or you can end up working beside one at your workplace.

A lot of the people we already liaise with hail from Latin America.  If we are able to speak fluent Spanish we’d  be able to share much more of their culture and it would help us gain a better appreciation of their heritage.  We would be able to develop our relations ( both business and personal ) to a much bigger degree.  Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Spanish cuisine ( including all of the other Hispanic influences ) has much to offer and you may find this can add a particularly juicy bonus to developing your associations and improving your Spanish further.

After Mandarin ( Chinese ), and Hindi ( Indian ), Spanish is the 3rd largest local spoken language, with over four hundred million native speakers.