A Review Of The Latest Music

A Review Of The Latest Music

This site was developed to give you a review of what is happening in music today in various genres from Country, Rock, Blues, Pop, Rap and just about anything else that is making news.

If you see a section here that is kinda behind, just let us know because we could just be looking at it from our perspective and from an old Classic Rock lens. Cause, our group is a little bit old, but we are not out of date, we just wear different glasses than you do.That is why the first review that you will see is Classic Rock, we will review of who is still Alive and Rockn’ from our era, who still has a heart-beat and who is still performing and recording despite their age.

Who Doesn’t Love Classic Rock

Everyone knows that the Rolling Stones are still around, getting kinda crusty but they are still rocking. Only bassman Bill Wyman knew enough to hang up his rock and roll shoes and enjoy what life he has left on this earth.
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Rolling Stones Tour Dates

Robert Plant is still touring and has become just as in demand as an Iconic symbol in Classic Rock, he still enjoys using his old moves that defined rock & roll moves in the 70’s, nothing fancy, but a classic pose while holding a micro-phone and waving your hair.
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Robert Plant

Canadian Rock & Roll is still on the fore-front, you might think that Canada hasn’t produced any more talent since the 90’s, but they are up and coming a various genres. Yes, we have gone beyond our little brat Justin Beiber, yes, Canada does have more than this.

If you have attended a concert recently as a Casino, you know that you will find a classic artist appearing on the Casino scene, I love these little intimate concerts. They are nothing like what I was used seeing in the 70’s and 80’s with loud rock & roll and pissed up stoner listeners…I miss those days.

Burton Cummings

Old Canadian Rocker Burton Cummings is still touring, mostly solo, but it takes you back to the day of those classic ballads and great rock & roll with the Guess Who. I always got the Who and the Guess Who mixed up, don’t know why, it was totally different rock and roll.

See, I told you I was kinda stuck on old Classic Rock, so if you see a post ramble on a little too much about this old stuff, remind us, Hey There Is New Music Out There…You Old Shits!

So, what can you do about this? Just post your favorite up and coming bands, I will post it in the proper category even if it is a new category…we will make it for you.

What’s Hot In Country

Taylor Swift

Country is a genre that has a very huge audience in various ages, you wouldn’t think so if you are young and listen to pop. If you had attended a country concert lately, you will notice the variety in ages. Most listeners may be a mixed or multi-genre listener, this does happen to you if you have parents who listen to country and listen to classic rock and pop (girl songs).

I always thought my teen-age boys would listen to something else, other than what they heard in the family car when they were growing up. I always listened to Classic Rock and the latest in Country, but, the wife liked to listen to the latest in Pop and she also liked those old ballads from the 70’s and 80’s. So, the boys really had a variety and when they decided to listen to the latest stuff in their teen-age years, they always reverted back to these classics they heard in the car.

Luke Bryan

Country does have a very flexible audience that can go from rock to pop, and the way Country has evolved into Pop Country with singers like Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan bring a younger ear to country.

What’s Rocking Today

It took me years to start listening to new music after being stuck in Classic Rock for years, I always thought that there would never be anything better that would come along in music from my era. Your parents probably think like this and refer to the music you listen to as “crap”.

Chris Cornell

As a musician, I respect all kinds of music and the performers, writers, recording and touring people that are behind music.

It still takes a lot to break into music and have your songs played on the radio, but, the internet has helped a lot of musicians become more popular and market themselves to the masses.

It doesn’t matter the style of music you play, you have to be good to attract a following, you have to write great songs and perform them night after night. It takes the best to be the best in music.

What’s Are The New Ballads Of The Day

Ballads are always great and the performers and writers of these songs put a lot of heart & emotion into these songs to draw emotion from the listeners.
Even though most guys might call these songs “sappy” songs, ballads will always create memories for the listener.
I always believed that any song creates a memory for the listener, just think of a song, it has a memory attached to it.
If you had a tragic memory, break-up or significant event that changed everything for you, you can always think of a song that is attached to the memory.
Songs help create memories, whether they are are happy songs, ballads or a certain sound is captured by your memory and associates it with a particular event.
That is the greatest thing about music, if it is a happy event or a sad event, you can count a great ballad from your favorite singer.

Who’s Hot In The Pop Scene

Pop is huge scene with more great songs coming out each year, as a Classic Rock listener, I didn’t have much thought of pop other than a music for spoiled, good-looking people who celebrated all the good things in life.

It has it’s purpose, and like all music, I learned to respect it just the same, besides having great looking people with great voices behind most pop songs, you have your band. If it wasn’t for a great band, this piece of music would be nothing.

Over the years, you have seen pop develop with the latest sounds and revert back to some classic sounds with strings and acoustic instruments and back to the latest and emerging sounds in piano, synthesizers, electronic drums, voice manupulators. This depends mainly on the producers of music, the recording studio and the musicians.
It’s all a great mix that depends a lot on the vocalists, the singer expressing all these good emotions into a song that can capture the audience with a great hook in a lyric or silly little piece of music that sounds great and makes you feel good.

Who’s Rapping Things Up Today

Rap can be viewed as many things but an unstable genre of music, most people predicted that it wouldn’t be around and longer than disco was.

The truth is, it has developed into a great genre of music and lyrics that has appeal to a younger audience who wants to separate themselves from the crowd, whether it’s an act to be a bad boy going against the grain or to create a reputation as tough gangsta, these are real, raw emotions being expressed by an age that actually doesn’t normally express anything through words, it’s usually through tough or violent actions.

The words expressed through rap have their own language that the audience or listener understand, the poets that write these expressions interpret and express this language very well, so much that they live this life.

When I first heard my boys playing this kind of music, I didn’t like it. As a father, you don’t want your boys rebelling, because it seems they are rebelling your words, rules and the good things that you taught them.
So, I threw the CD out the window…LOL. The boys still remind of this. Ok, I ask for forgiveness, it was a response, maybe a typical response of any parent when they first hear the words that come out some of these songs.

What’s Popular In The Club Scenes

The clubs are big part of what is happening in the music scene..it is the scene where things are happening, where you want to be and to be a part of life. Connecting with people through music, partying, being silly, dancing and showing your stuff to the opposite sex…or to the same sex..even.

Songs become popular through repetition,whether it’s over-play on a radio station, being played on the TV, played in bars and clubs and on your media player…and because they are good songs that move people.

You can see how bodies respond to music, and these are the songs that are played in clubs, these are the songs that people go out and buy because they heard them in clubs and the people just have to have it on their players because it created that memory, that feel good memory for them.

Clubs express the glory and fun in life that people are searching for, everybody wants to be somebody, sometimes people may find that in a club. Music is the connection and you can feel it as soon as you walk into a club that is happening…you can just feel that vibe coming through the speakers, you can see it being expressed by the DJ and the people on the floor…it’s happening.

Who Are Kings & Queens In Blues

Muddy Waters
The Blues Had A Baby

The Blues Had A Baby, and they named the baby Rock & Roll..Muddy Waters. When I first listened to this song, I said wow..what a great tribute to blues.
I saw Muddy Waters in concert in the early 80’s and I wasn’t under any kind of influence other than this Icon Singing the blues like it was a natural thing for him to express his words behind this raw energy of guitars and drums. It was Sick…sorry..just saying what i heard from my kids.

Blues has it’s place in society, it doesn’t stick out like rock, rap, pop or country..it’s got soul and it’s always going to be around like your emotions…you can’t just cut them out and they go away forever…they just have to be there..just like blues.

Although i still prefer to hear from the originators of this soulful music, it has peaked it’s head from the bars to being massive in movies and rivaling pop. Although some performers may bring blues up front in the scenes, it seems to sink back to it’s roots before it hits a massive scale in popularity. Must be a reason.
It’s the coolest in music..that’s why I save it for last.

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